Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015

Portugal na 17.ª posição no ranking do desempenho dos Estados-Membros da União Europeia no domínio da inovação, de acordo com o Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015, divulgado pela Comissão Europeia.

"Portugal is a moderate innovator. Innovation performance was
increasing until 2010 after which it declined. Portugal managed to improve its performance relative to the EU from 70% in 2007 to 78% in 2010 but performance declined to less than 73% of that of the EU in 2014.
Portugal performs below the EU average for all dimensions, except
Innovators which is exactly at the average level. Performance for most indicators is also below the average, in particular for License and patent revenues from abroad, PCT patent applications and PCT patent applications in societal challenges. Relative strengths for Portugal are in International scientific co-publications, SMEs innovating in-house and SMEs with product or process innovations."

Mais informações em:…/facts-figures/scoreboards/index_en.htm

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