WeDo Technologies


On May 2015, WeDo Technologies (henceforth WeDo) gathered over 400 client and partner executives in Lisbon, Portugal, for its 10th WeDo Worldwide User Group (WWUG). WeDo is a Portuguese company ranked by the Gartner Group as the world’s leader in providing revenue assurance (RA) and fraud management (FM) software and service solutions to the telecommunications market (Exhibit 1)1

On the occasion, founder and CEO Rui Paiva, along with his management team, were overjoyed. There was a lot to celebrate: RAID, the company’s main product, was the number‑one enterprise business assurance (EBA) software used by telecom incumbents worldwide. In 2014, WeDo had increased its order volume by 6% to a record €63 million with 24 new clients, spread across 21 countries and served by a global organization

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