Malo Clinic


Warming up in Africa
Paulo Maló is the main character of this story, Malo Clinic’ Story. He was born in 1961, the first son of a landowner and his wife, a teacher. Baby Paulo Sérgio Maló de Carvalho has a personal
inheritance to be considered, but also a geographical and historical one too.
His parents were settlers in the south of Angola. He spent his early years among the landscapes of colonial Africa, between cattle and melons.

He initiated in tasks pertaining to his family’s day-today farmland and copper-mine dealings. He was used to give a help in these matters, earning his first pocket money this way. But he also exhibited a character at school, where he was on the outlook for good grades.

His grandmother nevertheless feared that he and his brothers were becoming too “wild”, driving too young, handling weapons, walking bear feet in the woods. Perhaps autonomy and responsibility were early lessons. But no experience they as fathers would allow their own kids to have.

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